For Device Manufacturers


The connected medical devices domain is predicted to grow from $15 billion in 2017 to over $50 billion by 2022. In the coming decade, more than 50 billion medical devices will be inter connected to providers, health systems, patients, and to each other. Healthcare tech companies speculate that, in the next three years, 70 percent of their devices will be connected using IoT, up from 48 percent now, according to an online survey



As health care stakeholders lead to take complete advantage of connected medical devices, interoperability could be crucial. Interoperability may be a vital problem to steer a patient centered & digitally enabled health care ecosystem. There are privacy and security issues linked with the exchange of health information data, and there are multiple standards for electronic health records (EHR) systems

Streamlining Interoperability


MedTel has a device agnostic smart platform. MedTel is enhancing interoperability of IoMT Ecosystem and redefining patient care experience through digital engagement, deep insights & clinical predictions. We jointly work with medical devices manufacturers to create remote monitoring solutions. We are presently working with 20+ manufacturers across the globe and our platform supports 15+ connected devices. We provide an unified intelligent platform where clinical data can be shared seamlessly and it leverages compatibilities of different medical devices within the IoT network, enhance the connectivity and speeds the entire process of data transfer, analysis and retrieval.

We invite promising medical devices companies for symbiosis and partnerships. Lets embark the journey together