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Our COVID19 Solution

Home Isolation Health Monitoring

MedTel’s StopCov platform is a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telemedicine solution. It helps to manage patients diagnosed with COVID-19 by tracking vital signs and other symptoms. It also automatically flags high-risk patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

An easy to use, patient centric digital health platform that gives real time access to care providers, strengthened with predictive analytics. The solution has advanced and evidence based algorithms which is device and EHR agnostic.

Advanced Tele-Health

An affordable virtual care solution that would allow care providers in remote areas to perform a wide range of basic diagnostics for patients. This provides the tools to gather and forward patient information. The real time information enables the care provider to take better & informed decision and thus results in superior prognosis of the patient.

Why MedTel?


Comprehensive Virtual Health Solution

Comprehensive Virtual Health Solution For Multi-specialty Hospital, Poly-Clinic Or Individual Medical Practitioner

WhatsApp Health Bot

Integrated WhatsApp Health Bot Brings Patients Closer To Care Providers

Remote Monitoring Solution

End to End Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

Secured Medical Data

Private and Secured Medical Data Transmission and Analysis

Highly Customisable

Highly Customisable And Seamless Integration With Existing EMR Application

Connected Medical Devices

Device Agnostic Platform With 15+ Connected Medical Devices

Multi-channel Tele-Medicine

Multi-channel Telemedicine Platform Increases Patients Access to Care Providers

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