Digital Interventions Empowering Health Centers!

The JSW primary health centers and dispensaries at Keonjhar and Paradeep (Odisha) are now equipped with IoT-based medical devices which enable instant Point of care testing and immediate diagnosis. Also, these centers are digitally empowered with telehealth solutions with which patients can now consult with specialists and super-specialist doctors from big cities. This also helps in digitizing all the patient data, and ensuring that health records are analyzed to get meaningful insights.

Advanced tests in tribal areas

With these IoT based Point of Care devices, like Body Composition analyzer, hemoglobinometer, lipid profile analyzer, HbA1C Analyzer, Spirometer, Otoscope, etc., which are connected to our mobile app, paramedics and doctors can do tests like Blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar monitoring and advanced tests like ECG and HbA1C. The reports of these tests are generated instantly and can get analyzed through a doctor remotely.

In tribal areas, aggregating data from different dispensaries is not feasible because patient records are not digital. Also, patients cannot do advanced tests here. Through our connected care devices, we are bringing quality healthcare close to patients such that they can afford and access it at ease.

Digitized records for accurate insights!

Real-time monitoring of patients is done with our advanced analytics engine, which helps the paramedics and doctors know the real patient load and their team can take the necessary action as per the need of the patient. With such analytics, the decision-making of the health care providers becomes faster.

Way Forward!

Currently, our system is used in 5 locations by JSW, we plan on expanding it to 15+ locations in the next few months and propel the use of digital healthcare technologies in rural and remote areas to ensure quality healthcare and help doctors and paramedics structure the data flow better in such a setting!
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