Delivering prenatal care to The grassroots!

With our recent collaboration with the Govt. of Odisha, NITI Aayog (GOI), and NGO Sankalp, we aim to reach 200K ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse Midwives) and 25 million pregnant mothers each year. We provide the ANMs with a set of connected care devices to monitor high-risk pregnancies. The data is captured and analyzed by our app which will help in providing patient-specific insights and enable quick decision making.

Regular monitoring of health parameters!

Through regular monitoring and systematic documentation and analyses of parameters like BP, Blood Sugar, Hemoglobin, Weight and Fetal Heart Rate we have enabled faster detection of complications to take timely action and prevent unwanted consequences associated with pregnancies, especially high-risk ones.

Quick analysis for patient-specific insights!

Data captured through these devices is digitized which made it easy to handle and generated quick analyses of the patient and population health. This helped doctors to diagnose complications faster and also helped policymakers and administrators to plan for the support and resources needed.

Way Forward!

We plan on implementing our pregnancy solution pan India to improve the quality of life of every mother and child. The aim is to make healthcare during pregnancy accessible even in the remotest of locations, affordable to all sections of the population, and make the process of delivering healthcare easy and effective for the healthcare providers.
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