6 Remote Patient Monitoring Facts Learned from COVID-19

Remote Patient Monitoring had been in the advent even before COVID 19 pandemic due to increasing demand for chronic disease management as well as for superior post-acute care. But now, because of the pandemic, RPM technology has become the top resort for both patients and doctors. Hospitals have increasingly embraced Digital Health care technology. The advantages of RPM are several. The doctors employ this technology to help high-risk patients in the best possible way. It is believed that remote monitoring will surpass in-person monitoring in coming times.

RPM is an act of monitoring the health condition of a patient without being present there. Basically, the incorporation of communication technologies has provided the experts with a radical solution of delivering superior medical attention remotely.

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Source: Businessinsider.com Remote patient monitoring trends & health devices in 2021

Mentioned below are some key facts about remote patient monitoring

  1. Fast Rise in Remote Patient Monitoring: The concept of remote patient monitoring has been evolving for a very long time. There has been a steady rise in the customer base. However, COVID has changed the growth rate to exponential. Several remote monitoring solutions have been created using new technology. This has enabled us to offer help to a huge customer footprint. Remote patient monitoring is so much more than a virtual visit to a doctor. This connected care is continual and it is transformed healthcare delivery hugely.
  2. Fast Adaptability of Remote Monitoring Solutions: Remote monitoring solutions have evolved according to the need for digital healthcare and patient monitoring is the perfect solution for post-acute care at home as well as for chronically ill patients. New solutions have been developed to screen high-risk candidates for COVID 19. This encompasses quarantined patients and healthcare workers. Back-to-office solutions are also being developed. This will help businesses with huge manpower to carry out operations without any hassle.
  3. Valuable Investment: RPM is a valuable asset for the medical industry. It not just minimizes hospital admission rate but also trims down the cost of chronic disease management. Because of the pandemic, it has become hugely profitable for the providers. As people were under quarantine, it was extremely perilous for high-risk patients to visit the hospital to have access to Telemedicine healthcare.
  4. The willingness of patients For Remote Monitoring: Increasing number of patients are now keen on remote monitoring. This is because the benefits have been observed by several people. Remote monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and blood sugar is possible. So, the patients are ready to have someone keep a tab on their health even though it is remotely.
  5. Helps to Build Community: Remote monitoring does not swap human interaction. It is as a matter of fact a supplement to real interactions. It is used as a tool to help people suffering from any grief or depression by ensuring that they have access to virtual counseling sessions. Thus, technology is used to build a community and not isolate people.
  6. Remote Monitoring Solutions Will Grow: Remote Monitoring Solutions are expected to grow in the coming years at the rate of approximately 10% or more due to fast advancements in mobile technology. Things are changing at a rapid pace and factors like ambient intelligence, machine learning, AI, etc. are all set to take remote monitoring solutions ahead of curve.

So, these are some of the facets of Remote Patient Monitoring. And, Telehealth is there to transform the current healthcare system. With more and more new systems, things are fast changing for the better. Even though in-person monitoring will always be there, Telehealth’s RPM is sure to take the entire industry by storm. Remote monitoring plans not just ensure continuous and unremitting healthcare delivery but also provide quality healthcare guidance without any kind of hassle or predicament.

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