With the ascent of the pandemic and increasing patient loads, the concept of home isolation monitoring was pushed from the idea phase to the execution phase. Our COVID iRPM platform helped in regular monitoring of the COVID infected patients of the APEX group of hospitals and ensured that quality healthcare was delivered to patients so that they get the care they need and complications get detected on time!

Remote Patient Monitoring for personalized care!

Our model was focused at providing remote care and monitoring for COVID patients. We provided them with an app and devices such as oximeter and Blood Pressure monitor and trained the patients to use these devices. Patients would follow a schedule given to them by their doctor and measure their vitals and track their symptoms, these vitals were updated at the doctor’s end as well and in case of an abnormal value an alarm would be triggered at the doctor’s end and to the family members. Along with this, we enabled online consultations everyday for 15 days. To help patients stay on track with their testing schedule, medications, consultations and to keep them motivated we sent regular notifications and reminders as well.

Timely alerts and quick analytics for timely action!

To ensure that this system is easy and comfortable to use for doctors as well, we made a dashboard for doctors, where they could access a consolidated list of which patients having alarming readings, and individually track patient health. The target and alert
range for a patient could be personalized by the doctor. Along with that, consultations could also be scheduled and conducted from the same platform and e-prescriptions could be generated immediately.

At a time when patient loads were high and home isolation monitoring was still at an experimental phase, along with APEX we could ensure that everybody gets access to healthcare in the most convenient way possible!

Way Forward!

This implementation gave us a platform to build trust between doctors, patients and us, establishing that at home care and remote care can help increase patient compliance and ensure better healthcare outcomes as long as the digitization platform is made considering the needs of both the doctor and the patients! Going forward, we intend on implementing a remote patient monitoring (RPM) system for APEX, for other chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes!