Knocking the stress out of pregnancy!

Pregnant women care, wish to routinely be updated and reassured about their health and their child’s health to feel more involved and safe during their pregnancy. But, they often feel a sense of disconnect with their doctors and find themselves anxious and confused because of the lack of reliable information and resources.

We, in collaboration with preggerz, aim to help them monitor and learn about their pregnancy themselves and connect them to their doctors so that they can feel more empowered and reassured.

Empowering mothers to take charge of their pregnancy!

Pregnant women are given a device kit, containing a Glucometer, Blood Pressure Monitor, Body Analyzer, Hemoglobinometer, Fetal Heart Monitor and also given a smartphone app. These devices can be connected to the app via bluetooth and readings are transferred, analyzed and insights are displayed to the doctor and the patient. Along with this, there are regular nudges to help the lady follow her schedules for testing, consultations and daily routine as set by her and her doctor. There is a lot of reading material ranging from topics such as nutrition and exercises to information on birthing plans and baby care, which ensures that women are prepared to ace the journey of motherhood!

Simplifying tracking patient health for healthcare providers!

For healthcare providers, assimilating all the patient data to arrive at concrete data-backed insights is always a challenging task. Adding to this, in high-risk pregnancy, the data points are even more. To ensure that doctors can understand and visualize this data with ease, we aggregate the data and flag values where the patients have readings above or below the target and alert ranges that a doctor sets personalized for the patient. In case of an emergency, the doctor and the patient get alerts, to ensure timely interventions!

Way Forward!

Going forward, we plan on collaborating with more such organizations where the aim is to make the journey of pregnancy easier for the mothers by removing all the stress and anxiety that is involved in the process and improving the quality of life for each and every mother and child. To achieve this, we will continue building and improving our connected care platform to ensure constant support for all pregnant ladies and ensure that we positively impact generations to come!

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