Making healthcare more accessible!

Our collaboration with eHealth System brings large scale population health screening for public health systems. With this we collect, gather, analyze a large pool of data of patients and provide epidemiological insights and analytics to policy makers, administrators and program managers!

Point of care devices for regular screening!

Health screening is conducted through paramedics in Primary Health Centers, Community Health centers and Sub-centers through IoT-enabled devices that are connected to our smartphone app, which helps them collect a large amount of patient data. With their high accuracy and ease of use, these are easily deployable in remote and rural areas for large-scale testing.

Population data analysis for data-backed decision-making!

Once an abnormality is identified, the patient and their abnormality are flagged. At an individual level, this allows quick identification of patients who have any illness and are connected to a doctor immediately. When this population data is aggregated, insights regarding disease trends are provided that can help the government to plan for the support and resources needed.

Way Forward!

Making healthcare accessible in the remotest of locations is key to ensuring a good quality of life for everybody. In doing so, both testing and analysis of data play a big role for doctors, patients, and the government. Going forward, eHealth System, with various government bodies, plans on conducting population health screening on a large scale all across India. This helps people get screened and mobilize public health systems to act and monitor chronically ill patients on time!
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