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“The journey started with a real life experience. Our founder, Dr. Lalit saw a mother sitting in a hospital bed and waiting for her second son to die from malaria…”

Countless such occurrences are seen everyday because of inaccessible healthcare and lack of awareness. MedTel started with a vision, to ensure that no emergency or complication of a patient goes undetected. To accomplish this, we built a connected care ecosystem, using IoT enabled devices and a smartphone app, which is especially needed in chronic disease management.

While chronic diseases are not completely curable these definitely can be managed to help patients live a happy and healthy life! Regular monitoring and lifestyle changes are key to managing such diseases.

However, making these lifestyle changes and regular monitoring requires awareness, engagement and continuous support, without which patients tend to get complacent and go off track. Along with this, due to lack of structured documentation, it becomes very difficult for healthcare providers to analyze data and draw conclusions on patient health from it.

We aim to tackle this healthcare challenge by increasing patient engagement and compiling patient data such that doctors can draw insights faster and all in real time while motivating patients to stay on track!

Our mission is to make healthcare accessible, affordable and user friendly for all patients and integrate technology and healthcare approaches to ensure that every patient is empowered to improve their life!

Meet Our Founders

Dr. Timiresh Das

Co-Founder, Product and Strategy

Alternate career choice: Firefighter

Dr. Soumyakant Das

Co-Founder, Business and Strategic Partnerships

Chief amazement officer and vibe setter

Dr. Lalit Ranjan Manik

Co-Founder, CEO

Roles and Responsibilities: Everything

Ajit Choudhury

Co-Founder, CTO

Real Name: Dr. Fix It All

Meet Our Advisors

Dr. Vas Metupalle
CMO, 5Digital
Dr. Balakrishna Panda
Medical Consultant, RNTCP (WHO)
Dr. Devendra Tiwari

MCh Trainee at Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK

Dr. Deoram Patel

Consultant & Advisor at Kar Clinic

Meet Our Team

Purna Rao

Senior VP & Head

Sales Guru

Rahul Hans

Senior Manager – Inside Sales

Sales Mafia

Dipesh Dilip Khatate
Sr. Software Developer (Android)

Software Ninjaneer

Shashi Sekhar Biswal
Senior Manager – Admin & Logistics

Chief Happiness Officer!

Bijayalaxmi Sahoo
Patient Care Associate

Patient happiness partner!

Arpita Sur
Patient Care Associate

Patient inspiration officer!

Kishore Kumar M

Associate VP – Operations

Chief chaos manager!

Baviesh Rao MD

Manager – Operations

Favourite document: SOPs

Biswajeet Sahoo
Software Tester

Ace Multitasker!

Bikranta Kumar Behera

Manager – Accounts

Money Maestro

Amish Ray R S


The real boss!

Harsha Vardhana

Graphic Designer

Designing it simple

Manish Kumar Swain
Sr Business Development Manager

BD Ninja

B G Bhaskar
Business Development Manager

Head appointment getter!

Prashanth N

Senior UI/UX

Design Maestro

Shruti Chichagandi
Software Developer

Tech Wizard

Srushti Patidar

Operations Analyst

The All Rounder

Akshay Bhatnagar

Associate Product Manager

Idea generator!

Gouri Dass

Associate Product Manager

Product Perfectionist

Navya Bhandaru

Product Development Intern

Always Ready!

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