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Remote Patient Monitoring

For healthcare providers, insurers and pharma companies

MedTel’s RPM platform incorporates connected diagnostic devices, a smartphone app, and a web-based dashboard for hospital access and review. These devices include the digital blood pressure machine, body composition monitor, glucometer, pulse oximeter, and many more. Our advanced solutions manage diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and COVID by providing timely interventions. We also provide remote pregnancy care which reduces physical clinic visits and monitors complication parameters.

We envision a better-connected healthcare ecosystem, where the patients are more involved in their own healthcare and the doctors can get real time data and insights to help them make faster and better informed decisions.

Home Health

For hospitals and home care organizations

In the $100 billion Indian healthcare market, the share of home healthcare is around $3.5 billion. With increasing investments and tailwinds from the pandemic, home health adoption has gained momentum. The biggest advantage of such a model is that we do not limit healthcare to the confines of a clinic or a hospital and make healthcare more personalized and context specific.

Nurses/ Healthcare professionals are given a set of portable devices (20+ Point of care devices) that can be paired with our smartphone-based app. They can carry these devices to a patient’s home and conduct the required tests. The reports are made available to the patients and the healthcare providers instantly!


For Hospitals, Clinics, Government and Developmental Organizations

Around nine hundred million people (900 Million ) are living in rural areas in India. With inaccessible healthcare facilities and lack of connectivity, our healthcare system becomes inequitable. This problem of non-availability of doctors can be tackled by tele-clinics, so that information and care is delivered to everybody.
Tele-clinics are equipped with tele-diagnostics and advanced multi-channel telemedicine platforms. Through this, hospitals & clinics in urban cities are enabled to provide services in remote locations through tell clinics. Using MedTel’s iLAB platform healthcare can be made accessible and equitable!

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