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5 Questions: Launching Remote Patient Monitoring

5 questions launching remote patient monitoring
Are you still confused about whether to invest in remote patient monitoring? RPM is not a new thing. It was already gaining recognition even before the Covid-19 health emergency. Till date, many patients have experienced the immediate need for RPM. Nearly, 43% of the healthcare...

6 Remote Patient Monitoring Facts Learned from COVID-19

6 remote patient-monitoring facts learned from covid 19
Remote Patient Monitoring had been in the advent even before COVID 19 pandemic due to increasing demand for chronic disease management as well as for superior post-acute care. But now, because of the pandemic, RPM technology has become the top resort for both patients...

Telemedicine Future in India | MedTel

telemedicine future in india
In the era of COVID-19, telemedicine has seen a huge surge in popularity. With people confined indoors and sceptical about visiting hospitals, patients and doctors are increasingly turning to telemedicine. According to research in the International Journal of Science and Research, nearly 75 percent...