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MedTel Healthpreneur

Empowering Paramedics to Become Entrepreneurs

At MedTel, we believe in empowering lab technicians, phlebotomists, nurses, pharmacists, trauma technicians and other paramedics to take control of their careers and become entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector. We call them Healthpreneurs.

Smart POC Diagnostic Kits

We provide Healthpreneurs with smart, connected point-of-care medical devices equipped with Bluetooth technology for seamless data transfer.

Convenient At-Home Testing

Healthpreneurs conduct tests directly at the doorstep of the patient, ensuring convenience and comfort.

Instant Reports

Our technology enables Healthpreneurs to generate instant reports, facilitating prompt action and timely intervention.

Doctor Consultations

Patients receive expert medical tele-consultations based on their test results, ensuring comprehensive care and guidance.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for testing packages, making healthcare services affordable for patients while ensuring profitability for Healthpreneurs.

With the global rise in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and with India having the highest disease burden, there is an increasing need for accessible healthcare solutions. MedTel addresses this need by providing affordable doorstep diagnostics, eliminating barriers such as travel and cost concerns.

MedTel operates on a revenue-sharing model with Healthpreneurs. They purchase diagnostic kits at a discount, sell testing packages to patients, and retain a portion of the revenue for sustainable growth.

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