Use Cases

Remote Patient Monitoring

For Hospitals/ Health Insurers

MedTel’s RPM platform incorporates connected diagnostic devices, a smartphone app, and a web-based dashboard for hospital access and review. These devices include the digital blood pressure machine, body composition monitor, glucometer, pulse oximeter and many more. Our advanced solutions manage diseases like diabetes, hypertension & obesity and endeavor timely interventions. We also provide remote pregnancy care which reduces physical clinic visits and monitors complication parameters

We are also launching our new age solutions for cardiac care, kidney diseases & mental health.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, connected healthcare and remote patient monitoring are important tools for hospitals, poly-clinics and individual practitioners. They empower clinicians to monitor patients without coming to contact physically. Hospitals & practitioners  across the globe are using connected health and remote patient monitoring to great effect during the pandemic.

Home Health

For Hospitals/ Home care providers

In the $100 billion Indian healthcare market, the share of home healthcare is around $3.5 billion. Home healthcare has become a new norm after COVID pandemic. It is less expensive than that of a hospital or a clinic. Every hospital, clinic & other care provider should have a platform for end-to-end home care services.

Nurses/ care givers carry these portable devices to home and conduct the necessary tests as and when required. MedTel – iLab with 15+ connected devices  transfer data to the hospitals/ clinics for real-time review.


For Hospitals/ Clinics/ Governments

In India, nine hundred million people (900 Million ) are living in rural areas. They depend upon 70 % of doctors residing in urban areas. Super-specialist services are not available in even district level hospitals & clinics.

Tele-clinics are equipped with tele-diagnostics and advanced multi-channel telemedicine platform. Hospitals & clinics in urban cities are able to provide services in remote locations through tele-clinics. Government’s adoption of tele-clinics is solving the major problem of non-availability of doctors in rural areas.