How does technology benefit healthcare in rural communities?



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Technology has made many facets of life easier for societies existing in rural and inaccessible areas. Applications that keep immediate message and connection, along with devices and equipment that cut the dependence on urban or city based services, are some of the resolutions that improve day-to-day living. In healthcare, this has been a boundless task, particularly for patients getting continuing or multifaceted cure for chronic issues, who may be forced to travel long distances for several healthcare benefits


We at MedTel isocial, provide comprehensive health services in remote areas. We do so with advanced technology and leverage our trained human capital with responsiveness and flexibility



Due to inadequate setup and retention of quality healthcare experts in rural societies, citizens often have to spend time and money travelling lengthy distances to have specialized treatment in the metropolises. We at Medtel-iSocial serve with single point centers with advanced solutions

The resolution of integrating technology into medicine and healthcare in rural expanses is not to substitute clinicians, but to augment healthcare conveyance through tele health and sanction for a much more allied, well-organized and correct diagnosis where expert awareness is not always accessible at the stage of care. We take the local pharmacies, laboratories, healthcare workers and population to create an ecosystem which adds value to all stakeholders

Services Offered

Digital Health Clinic

  • Connected Medical Devices for Vitals & other tests
  • Doctor Consultation Through Mobile App Provided to Pharmacy/Path-Lab
  • Prescription & Drugs for Patients
  • Lab-Sample Collection & Sent to referral Labs (basis requirement / Dr. advice)
  • Referral to Tertiary Care
  • Integrated Payment through App/ Debit Card
digital health clinic

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